SRO Motorsports

SRO Motorsports Group steps up efforts to meet 2023 carbon neutrality target

  • SRO makes carbon reduction priority for 2021
  • Range of green strategies and initiatives set to launch in spring 
  • Global leader in GT racing targets operational carbon neutrality by 2023

SRO Motorsports Group will strengthen its commitment to sustainability this year as it works towards the goal of achieving operational carbon neutrality by 2023.

Partnering with corporate social responsibility and environmental experts, SRO will take the next step in a project that launched in 2020 when it began to integrate decarbonisation strategies into its global business operations.

Enhanced sustainability efforts will be implemented from the spring onwards with the aim of minimising the organisation’s carbon footprint and reducing the wider impact of its activities on and off the circuit. This follows a study conducted by leading sustainability firm Futerra, with whom SRO began working in 2020.

The new initiatives are set to include green energy supplies, efficient and lower impact travel, and the use of sustainable office materials. The introduction of lower carbon logistics and adopting reduced-carbon race fuels will also be explored.

What’s more, SRO will seek to encourage teams, circuits and key partners to join with its expanded carbon reduction efforts. By setting the standard in sustainability it is hoped that a green motorsport network will develop, the benefits of which will be felt far beyond the paddock.

In parallel with these efforts, SRO will begin offsetting its residual carbon emissions by supporting international forest conservation. This has been conducted in partnership with Permian Global, which protects and restores large areas of forest in the tropics through regeneration, by tackling threats such as fire, logging and poaching, and by empowering local communities.

Further initiatives will be developed as SRO makes a firm commitment to carbon reduction in 2021 and beyond. This represents the beginning of an ongoing process that will see the company take responsibility for its activities, while ensuring a sustainable future for international motorsport.

Stephane Ratel, SRO Motorsports Group founder and CEO: “Carbon reduction is one of our absolute priorities for the years ahead. SRO is taking this project very seriously and it is encouraging to see these plans take shape. Together with our teams and partners, we want to play a leading role in this cause and inspire others to join us in making motorsport a more sustainable industry. Working with experts such as Futerra and Permian Global has allowed SRO to make quick progress and set ambitious goals, such as achieving operational carbon neutrality by 2023. We are fully committed to meeting this objective and I look forward to sharing further news of our sustainability initiatives as the project evolves.”